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TactiCon is a digital convention hosted on Steam celebrating strategy video games.

TactiCon will highlight the brilliant and creative minds who develop strategy games and gather the players who love them.

Are you a developer or a publisher with a recently released or upcoming strategy game on Steam?


Can I exhibit my game?


Any strategy games (see criteria in the next question) can apply if:

  • it has been released on Steam, or released DLC, in 2021 or 2022
  • it is available on Steam in Early Access
  • it is unreleased but with a playable demo during the event (mid-Sept 2022)

What do you include within the genre of "Strategy" games?


We look for games that have a strong layer of strategy in their core gameplay. In terms of subgenre, we include 4X, Grand Strategy, Turn-Based Tactics, Real-Time Strategy, Tactical RPG, Deckbuilding, and to some extent a certain variety of management games. Hybrids are very much welcome, so feel free to apply and we will let you know if your game has been selected.

Does it cost anything to be a participant?


No. Participating in TactiCon is free for all selected games.

When does TactiCon take place?


September 22nd to 25th, 2022 will be the dates for the first year.

Can I submit a talk, a panel or an idea to be part of the program?


We'd love that! A call for speakers will be available soon on our website to submit any idea for a talk, panel, interview and let's play format.

I'd love to be part of a panel or something else but I have no idea.


Don't worry, many others will be submitting panels and need participants. Just fill out the call for speakers form when it becomes available and we will contact you to suggest some ideas.

What are the benefits of exhibiting or speaking?


TactiCon is a celebration of strategy games of all kinds, gathering fans and developers together. You’ll be able to directly share your insights and learn from others participating in the event through a collaborative and respectful forum.

I am a Streamer or a Content Creator, can I cover some games of your line-up?


We want you to be part of the event as well. Additional Information coming soon.

I am a journalist, how can I cover this event?


We would love to have you cover the event. Additional Information coming soon.

Hosted by

Hooded Horse & Firesquid co-host and organise TactiCon.